Step 7: Find Mentors More Successful Than You Are

A mentor is someone you can freely talk to and get advice from. In this case, preferably someone who is contracting and making lots of money in IT/Networking. As you have read from the previous steps, a career in Networking has a lot of potential. But reading about it and seeing it is two different things.

It is extremely important to see someone you know achieve and live that success because it’s going to give you the confidence that what you’re working so hard for is going to pay off. Without confidence, you will be vulnerable to doubt and have a harder time persevering through the hardships that come along the way.

The other, more obvious advantage to having a mentor is you can ask them ask them for advice and benefit from their experience. And if you have the opportunity to work with them at any capacity, you can observe their habits, thought processes, and learn without even asking them anything. Successful people often share common traits after all.


How Do I Find A Mentor?


As you continue to work in the industry, you will find a mentor that you can look up to eventually and without much effort. If you follow the steps regarding changing jobs often and keeping in contact with people through LinkedIn, you will find that individual much sooner.

If you’re not working with them directly and building a relationship that way, then go out of your way to introduce yourself and talk to them.

My sister is one of my mentors. She took a one year certificate program in Networking and was very successful. She was the one who suggested that I take Networking in the first place.

Another mentor of mine I met at work. The company hired a contractor to do a networking project. I remember seeing how much they were paying him and thinking how outrageous it was because it was something I could do myself. He was getting paid SIX times more than I was to do something I could do. Just stop and think how insane a 6x multiplier to a decent salary is for one second. That was when I first realized the potential in networking and began to look to him as a mentor. He has since helped me tremendously in my career.

If you don’t already have a mentor, find one!