Step 5: Change Jobs Often

There’s no better way to drastically expand your reputation and people network than by changing jobs often. Just not so often that you end up burning any bridges with your former employers. Each time you move on, you meet a completely new circle of people in the industry. Knowing people is incredibly important for potential future opportunities.

The problem with staying at one company for too long is that you get used to their network environment and end up with a limited perspective (and not knowing it). If you work at one place for three years, you’re only going to be practiced with what they have. There is no comparison to the experience you could have if you worked for four different companies over that same time frame, which is what I did.

It makes sense from a compensation point of view as well. When you apply for a new job, you have the opportunity to negotiate a higher pay. If you stay at the same company, you can receive a raise but it will only ever be a percentage of your current salary.

For example, let’s say you worked at a company for one year and gained a ton of experience. Your employer will not re-evaluate your worth and come up with a totally different number. They will give you an increase that is based off your current pay. As a result, staying for a raise will never have the same potential as changing jobs.

I recommend changing jobs at least once every year to year and a half. It will be tempting to stay in one place when you are settled in and comfortable, but in my opinion that’s a huge mistake.


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