Getting Started With Your IT Networking Career

Hello and welcome to Internetworking Career. my name is Tim and I want to share how you can start a career in enterprise networking and why it’s such a great industry to be in.

This information applies whether you are considering a new career, are currently in school taking networking courses, or are already working in IT.


What is Networking and Why Should I Choose It?


Networking is an Information Technology specialization centered on infrastructure and communication. To learn what this means in further detail, please visit Networking 101.

Here are a few compelling reasons to choose networking as a career.


1. There Is Huge Demand For It


Look around yourself; the number of network devices in your vicinity most likely outnumbers actual people. It’s in our computers, phones, cars, thermostats, smoke detectors, and even our light bulbs. We can’t live without being connected, and neither can businesses. Every mid to large sized company needs one or more network administrators, and demand is only increasing as we become more reliant on network technology.

A huge opportunity exists right now because the masses don’t know about the existence of networking. It’s not mainstream like engineering or accounting, and not prestigious like medicine or law.

I have participated in the networking job market through all sorts of interesting times. I’ve worked through and seen what the job market was like over two global recessions and the highs in between. What I have observed is that the job market was extremely resilient during the worst economic conditions, and overflowing with opportunities during strong economic times.


2. You Only Need A Couple Years Of School


You can go to a technical college and be working after finishing a one year certificate program or a two year diploma program. This is possible because they don’t waste any time. Their programs focus only on teaching you practical skills and knowledge that you can immediately apply in your first job in the real world. You won’t be taking courses like Psychology 101 to fulfill credit requirements like you would in a degree program.


3. You Can Make Lots Of Money


When it comes to compensation, networking is like the wild west. The range goes from really low to really high, and how fast you get to the upper range is proportional to how hard you work at building your skills and people connections. In contrast to most other industries, there is no time barrier holding you back from making a certain amount. Employers aren’t concerned about whether or not you’ve paid your dues. They only want to know if you have common sense and know what you’re doing.

With Cisco enterprise networking, it is possible and fairly common to work as a contractor simply due to the demand. Contracting can enable you to bill 100+ per hour, and when the economy is strong it is possible to achieve this very early (2-3 years) in your career.


I’m Interested. How Do I Start?


If you’re new to networking and haven’t already, please visit Networking 101 for a first look at what types of things you would be learning.

Otherwise, visit Get Started to see my step by step guide on how to start your career and become a contractor as soon as possible.